Phx Solar Gleam N Clean

PHX Solar Gleam N Clean

Solar Panel Bird Proofing in Phoenix, AZ


THE NEED FOR Bird Proofing OR solar panel exclusion

Did you ever wonder what it looks like under your solar panels? Hearing or seeing pigeons at all hours of the day/night?. Pigeons absolutely love it under your solar panels because of the ability to hide from predators and use the warmth of the tiles and solar modules. Many of the solar installers out there forget about the importance of including solar exclusion as part of their sale to the customer. We typically come into play when it has already become a problem. Our goal is to educate homeowners and dealers the importance of getting bird exclusion right off the bat so that you don’t have to worry about unsightly feces, eggs and costly roof repairs. Solar systems are a huge investment for your home, let us help keep it that way with a bird proofing to keep your solar panels clean and scheduled maintenance program.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Service in Phoenix, AZ

Pigeons making a mess of your solar panels? We’re here to help! Ensure optimum energy and a clean look with our solar panel bird-proofing services in Phoenix, AZ. Call PHX Solar Gleam n Clean at 602-704-0321 or reach out online for a quote!



“They did a great job. I recommend you to their business. I felt bad that I had the guys to clean out the pigeon problem since for a few years til now it’s cleaned and had my panels fenced and the spikes on my roof. So far I have seen two pigeons sit at the end of my roof where that was no room for them to sit as at this moment there are no pigeons. Hope it’s gone for good. Thank you guys for what you did!”

John P. | 03/22/2024 – 5 stars review in Google